Pukhtoon Students Federation
A student organization that is leftist, secular, liberal, progressive and nationalist in nature. It is the student wing of Awami National Party. It was formed in 1968. It is present in numerous educational institutions of Pakistan. Bashir Sherpao from Charsadda,Peshawar is the President of PSF.

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ANP’s Independence Day

private news channel SAMAA break the news that Awami National Party ( ANP ); followers of the ideology of Bacha Khan; has announced to celebrate the independence day of Pakistan in KPK on 15thAugust instead of 14th August which is the real independence day of Pakistan and ; not to forget that India celebrate their independence day on August 15th.
On August 13th ANP (Sind) accompanying with the Sind nationalist parties called a strike in Sind which was against the restoration of local body system in Karachi and Hyderabad. The system was implemented in Sind in 2004 with the people’s mandate and successfully finished its four year term. The effects of strike were seen on the roads of Karachi from the evening of August 12th when a bus was set on fire with passengers inside the bus and a 10 year old girl died in that incident. Another injured person died the following day. Sind police was active and working hard to restore the peace in Karachi and from the midnight of August 12th till 13th and they arrested following people with the related information:
FIR.NO.421/422/2011 U/S 147/148/149/353/324/34 and 13/D,PPC and arms ord. of  PS. Sir Syed. Date.13-8-11. Time.0005hrs. Location: Bilal Colony Chowk.
Arrested Accused. Ghaffor Khan s/o Saidullah. (ANP) Arrested after an encounter while he was robbing people and torching public property.
Absconding Accused. 1.Abdullah.(Presid​ent ANP ward)  2.Ahmad Jan(Unit incharge ANP)  3.Bakht Buland.(ANP) 4.Zar Wali.(ANP) 5.Gul Mohammad(ANP) 6.Qasim(ANP) 7​.Lal Mohmmad (ANP) 8.Ashfaq Choudhry (ANP) All accused were Pushto speaking and ANP workers.
FIR No :- 329/2011
Date & Location 13/08/2011 Main road near G.23bus stop Kamisha Goth 5/F New Karachi
U/s :- 147/148/149/337h
Arrested and Accused:- 1- Mashooq Ali s/o Dolat
2- Waheed s/o Ali Hassan
The criminals on the run are following:
1.Fida Balouch 2.Hameed Balouch 3.Ashger Brohi 4.Imtiaz alias Joni (President of JSQM Khamisa Goth)
Arrested Accused are sindhi speaking and related to (JSQM).
ANP claimed to be the follower of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan ( Bacha Khan) who  came from the most violent and politically volatile part of British India and chose the politics of non-violence and became a close associate of Gandhi. His famous quotes which he practiced himself are “violence needs less courage than non-violence,” and “violence will always breed hatred, Non-violence breed love”. Asfandiyar Wali Khan who is the president of ANP and the grandson of Bacha Khan repeatedly quoted Bacha Khan’s ideology of peace and non-violence in his interviews.
Considering the teachings of Bacha Khan to his people , I think the act of violence in Karachi and killing innocent citizens by ANP workers while observing the strike is the antagonistic form of Bacha Khan’s ideology of peace and love. The president of ANP should extract these black sheep out of their rows who are destroying the image of ANP.
Their recent decision of celebrating Independence Day on August 15th; which is the independence day of our rival country India; is raising another question mark on their political stand for Pakistan. Due to Indian Army’s illegal occupation, cruelty, barbarism and unjustified division of Kashmir; Kashmiri people remember August 15th as “black Day’ every year and Pakistan on state and public level support their cause at the international forums. ANP’s decision of celebrating Independence Day on August 15th will give world a message of weakness, and retreat from the long standing position of Pakistan.
Aasfandyar Wali Khan needs to reorganize the structure of the party by bring the right people and teaching the right path of Bacha Khan. His extended absences from the political arena and lack of interest in his party affairs is leaving room for non-ideological people to make inroads in his party and give it a distorted image.

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